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Games Played In The Casinos

Casino is a place that nearly everyone knows. It has various games in it. These games are not physical games. Also in most games it is only due to luck that you win and not due to some skill or talent. You have to pay money to play these games.

This is like a gaming centre or an amusement park for kids, only difference is this is for adults. In some gaming centres where kids play some rides or some games for money. They have small rides, video games and other games for kids.

The difference with casinos is that the casino games only need luck. Also casino games are for older people and not the kids.There are various games that are played in a casino. They are black jack, roulette, poker craps, etc. Let us see some information about these games.


This is a game of cards. This is a one to one game i.e. it is played between two players and not between the house and the player. This is a 5 card hand game. There are many levels from lowest to highest. The person with the best hand wins. There are many versions of poker like 5 card draw, 5 card stud, Texas hold them, 7 card stud, pineapple, etc. You need some talent to play poker.

Black jack

This is also a card game. But this is between the player and the house. The dealer gives out cards to each player and also has cards to them. The dealer does not reveal their card until all the player turns are over. Anyone who beats the dealer without turning over 21 wins the bet.


This is a dice game. This game is based on the number 7. The players place bet around the table. The numbers 7 and 11 wins while 2, 3 and 12 lose. The other numbers are established and then the next round starts.


Roulette is betting game. There will be numbers from 0-36. Also 00 number will also be available. There are other options like black - white, odd – even, etc. the player places the chips on the number they want to bet on. Then the dealer rotates the ball. The number where the ball has stopped is the winning number. The winner will be decided by the number, colour, odd or even number, etc.


This is also a card game. It consists of a player, tie and a banker. When everyone has played their bets, the dealer deals out 2 card hands. The hands are added. If it is 10 then 10 is dropped. A hand equals to 10 becomes 0 or baccarat. Winning hand will be higher of the two hands. Anyone who placed bet on higher hand wins.

Slot machines

Slot machines are very popular in the casinos. This is purely a luck based game. The player inserts the coins in the machine. Then when it is ready, the player has to pull the lever or press the button. Based on the numbers or figures that had appeared, the prize will be determined. Earlier there were only 3 slots in the machine. But now a day, there are 3-5 slots in the machines.

Wheel of fortune

This is also known as the big six. In this game there is a wheel with 52 divisions. This wheel is placed on the wall. It also has a needle in the middle. There will be six symbols upon which the players keep their bets. The wheel is rotated. When it stops, it will point at a symbol. The persons who have placed bets on the same symbol win the deal.These are some of the games available in the casinos. There are many more websites available to see the games like http://www.casinodirectory.com/ca/. These games do not require much talent. The players require luck in these games. That is the main thing needed in these games. The player cannot use any strategy in these games, especially the slot games. The percentage of the winners in these games varies. Mainly the games are played with a percentage of money kept for the house. Only some games like poker need some skill and can be practised.


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